Board Diversity Matrix (As of May 2023)
  Bazante Clements Daniels Drummond Harton Mann Richlovsky Shaver Wallis Wilkins Total
Total Number of Directors: 11
Knowledge, Skills and Experience
Executive Management
"C-Suite" experience; leadership experience as a division president or functional leader within a complex organization"
X X X X X X X X X X 11
Strategic Planning/Oversight
Experience developing and implementing operating plans and business strategy
X X X X X X X X X X 11
Meets qualified SEC financial expert definition or significant financial expertise with knowledge of financial reporting; experience with financial disclosure requirements and internal controls
            X X     2
Corporate Finance/Capital Management
Experience with corporate finance, capital allocation, and debt and capital market transactions
            X X     3
Risk Management
Experience overseeing complex risk management matters
    X X X     X   X 6
Experience with governmental relations, regulatory environment, and/or working with regulators; experience as a politician or lobbyist
  X X X X   X     X 7
Corporate Governance
Demonstrated understanding of current corporate governance standards and best practices in public companies
  X X X X   X X   X 8
Human Resources/Compensation
Experience managing a human resources function; experience with executive compensation and broad-based incentive planning
      X   X         2
Experience implementing technology strategies and innovation and managing and mitigating cyber security risks
  X   X       X     3
Banking Industry Experience
Experience in the banking and/or financial services industry
X   X X X   X       6
Retail Industry and /Or Marketing Experience
Experience with retail industry, transformation to digital platforms, branding major corporations, use of digital marketing strategies
X     X X X   X     5
Mergers and Acquisitions
Leadership experience with M&A transactions
X   X X X X X X     8
Corporate Social Responsibility
Demonstrated understanding of issues related to corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and environmental stewardship; informed on emerging issues potentially affecting the reputation of the business
X X   X X X X X   X 8
Gender Indentity
Female X         X         2
Male   X X X X   X X X X 9
Demographic Background
African American or Black       X             1
White X X X   X X X X X X 10
Florida X                   1
Georgia               X X   3
North Carolina     X X   X         3
South Carolina   X     X         X 3
Tennessee                     0
Other             X       1
Board Tenure
Years <1 1 6 3 6 3 8 5 22 5